Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September is for Sweaters

Big weekend coming up. The resale shops are finally putting our their wool sweaters. Sneaky though, buried among the cottons and acrylics. At the beginning of the season I can still be fooled by the acrylics; makes me mad, but come December I fly through racks, skimming the sleeves...Shetland, acrylic, cotton acrylic, merino!, angora, acrylic, lambswool angora/rabbit, cashmere! 

If you have ever accidentally shrunk a wool sweater then you have 'felted' it. Time to give it to your younger sister or granddaughter...OR you can 'upcycle' it into a little purse. I carried this inside a larger purse and it was always a pleasure to reach in and touch this soft little clutch - especially in colder weather.  The ribbed body is the turtleneck portion of one sweater combined with bits of two others. Simple, simple, simple.

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