Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's On The Table? - Felted sweater blankets

So, I have a few things on the table right now.  This one is largely done, but needs some finishing details to make it sing.  Despite the brightness of the red/orange sections the overall affect is more muted and I feel it needs some additional detailing.  My husband suggested adding some navy accents which I will try.  It is mostly lambswool and very soft - lovely really.  What looks to be light gray ribbed square is a light taupe.  Maybe I should call this Foggy Snooze?

The other one the I'm working on is more spirited in color and titled Circus.  Normally I don't work with shetland wool - I've been called a merino snob - and rightly so because the shetland has been delightful to work with and holds it's shape well. Here's the test I made up  from two-inch squares.  It's a really useful step in that I become familiar with the way each color will behave under the presser foot.  It's also how I decide on the choice of thread color.  In this case the turquoise thread really adds alot to the design.  That's it, just a peak at what's on the table.  

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